About Me

I have been exploring ways to help people heal from injury, trauma and chronic pain for many years, starting with what works for me. I was first exposed to self-defense through victim advocacy more than 25 years ago. Self-defense led me to martial arts, which then led me to healing arts including Therapeutic Massage, Healing Touch, Yoga, Ritual Arts and Somatic Therapies. I combine a variety of modalities in my work, tailored to the needs and interests of individuals and groups.

I am a Board Certified Massage Therapist (BCTMB) and Level 4 Healing Touch Practitioner. As a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, (SEP), I offer SE and SE-infused bodywork for individuals, as well as for credit personal sessions and consultations for SE students at all levels Beg.- Adv. I am also certified in Trauma First Aide™. In addition to working with clients privately, I regularly offer study groups and workshops for body-oriented therapists seeking to deepen their knowledge about working with trauma and for psychotherapists who want to incorporate more touch and movement into their practices. (Available for Sessions and Consulations  for SE students at all levels.)

Areas of experience and expertise include:

  • work with survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assaullt
  • work with individuals and couples to improve intimacy and communication
  • work with LGBTQIA people
  • work with unaccompanied youth in shelter settings
  • work with torture survivors

(Languages spoken include English and French.)

Workshop topics include:

  • Boundaries, Self-Care and Safety
  • Sexual Negotiation and Consent
  • Yoga for Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Pain
  • Self-Care for Providers
  • Sacred Sexualty as a Path to Health and Wellness

Please refer to the "Services" or "Classes" section for more details and do not hesitate to reach out for further information. For a complete bio including my educational background, simply text me at (612) 327-0576 or send me an email (kaleidoscopehealingarts@yahoo.com). I look forward to hearing from you.